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Holiday Telecom, is the first operator able to offer a unmatched quality data and optic fiber connection for millions of foreign tourists visiting Spain.


The mobile operator for tourism

HOLIDAY TELECOM is the new LTE 4G operator that offers unlimited internet mobile data and optic fiber access to tourists and resident in coast areas.

It will operate in those areas with greater concentration of Tourists & Beach residents and large tourist cities across the country, being able to offer its services to more than 15 million users at this moment.

HOLIDAY TELECOM wants to solve the connection problems currently suffered by users in tourist areas by offering unlimited connection coverage no matter where our users are.

HOLIDAY TELECOM is working every day to improve its service and to provide better customer care so that no telecommunication solution is missing. High quality of our services and the fulfillment of all standards and requirements are our main values.

Image showing Telecom´s antena

Who we are

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the telecom sector, and more specifically in the mobile operators.

A team that strives to improve our service every day, developing the business, taking advantage of the opportunities and possibilities of the 'new era' and the technological innovation and focusing mainly on the customer needs.

Board of directors

Agustín Cerro, Board of directors, Holiday Telecom

Agustín Cerro

President, Founder & CEO

Margaret Chen, Board of directors, Holiday Telecom

Margaret Chen

Vice President & Asia

Jean-Pierre Kaisserlian, Board of directors, Holiday Telecom

Jean-Pierre Kaisserlian

Technology Advisor

José Llanos, Board of directors, Holiday Telecom

José Llanos

Audit Advisor & Founder

Adam Satir, Board of directors, Holiday Telecom

Adam Satir



Juan Francisco Gomáriz, Board of directors, Holiday Telecom

Juan Francisco Gomáriz

Non advisor Secretary

Executive Committee

Agustín Cerro, Executive Committee, Holiday Telecom

Agustín Cerro

President, Founder & CEO

Andrea Carissimo, Executive Committee, Holiday Telecom

Andrea Carissimo


Santiago Toribio, Executive Committee, Holiday Telecom

Santiago Toribio


Patrick Cyrille-Vaughan, Executive Committee, Holiday Telecom

Patrick Cyrille-Vaughan


Jean-Pierre Kaisserlian, Board of directors, Holiday Telecom

Jean-Pierre Kaisserlian



Mobile Internet


Own network in massive tourist areas that actually have poor LTE-4G networks or no coverage. We will start in Ibiza and Formentera (Balearic Islands), in the following stages we will deploy in other touristic areas.


External LTE 4G and optic fiber network in large tourist cities Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada, ...

Happy woman working with laptop enjoying good coverage connection with Holiday Telecom on the beach

Services for individuals

Our solution

Ad-hoc Services for Tourists
  • Online hiring & real-time service activation.
  • Extensible Pre-packaged services – 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks & 1 month.
Hands holding a mobile device
Unrivaled Customer Experience
  • Unlimited mobile data with a minimum bandwidth guaranteed. unlike what is offered by other local Operators.
  • Customized attention in user’s native language.
Group of people enjoying at the beach

What does it mean to have unlimited traffic and a minimum flow assured with Holiday Telecom?

Increase in speed
areas without 4g

In those areas where there is no 4G network the speed offered by HT will be 100/150 times the current one.

areas with 4g

In those areas where there is 4G network offered by the main operators, the speed offered by HT will be 10/15 times the current one.

  • The user will be able to enjoy their favorite audiovisual content in streaming without any cuts: sports events, concerts, TV series, cinema…
  • Upload high definition videos to their social networks without waiting times.
  • Make high quality video calls.
  • Enjoy social services, such as tele-assistance, video-surveillance, emergency calls, ...

Services for companies

Having such a network will allow local industry to access services that have not been available up to now, such as:

  • Wireless connectivity in manufacturing that allows the incorporation of sensors and/or virtual reality applications for predictive maintenance and monitoring of products in order to detect possible failures and offer users replacement before the products fail.
  • Automate industrial processes that allow more and better manufacturing based on the collection and analysis of data from the entire production chain.
  • Help production/manufacturing operations to be more flexible and efficient, while improving safety and maintenance costs.
An operator using an iPad to control a robot in a company

Services for Public Administrations

The availability of services/products of these characteristics will allow the Administrations to offer citizens services that up to now have no place, such as:

  • Tele-assistance.
  • Security services for the elderly.
  • Recovery and therapy through Augmented Reality.
  • Surveillance in cities with cameras in a fast and economical way.
  • Notification through sensors to public services of incidents on the public road (street maintenance, furniture, automated management of urban waste fleets...).
Illustration showing the different services offered by Holiday Telecom for Public Administrations

Business areas


IoT services provide great advantages in efficiency in several sectors and also facilitates a responsible activity with the environment that benefits both companies and citizens.

In the following image you can observe the different possibilities, among which we highlight the improvement of citizen security (facial recognition, car registration, etc.) in Smart Cities, optimization of energy and processes, improvement of customer experience, etc., in Hotels and Large Malls, support for social services (assistance to elder people, gender-based violence, etc.) and health services (medical assistance, remote operations, etc.).

IA – Big Data as a Service

The mission is value creation based on Telecom Big Data with a clear vocation for ROI, through optimizing the financial value generated by the CVM (Customer Value Management) activity.

Main Milestones




Holiday Telecom SL
Plaza de España nº13 - 2º, 01001, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

San Rafael, nº 1 - B, off. 3D, Alcobendas, 28108, Madrid, Spain


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